new painting – April Thaw, McGillivray Creek


Hello All,

I was happy when the ski season ended and had time to focus on studying the effect of the new season on the landscape. Specifically, I became fascinated with McGillivray Creek coming to life, and the dark rush of water visible as the snow gave way. I spent plenty of hiking time searching for thawed portions in our creek, but April doesn’t give up her frozen state quickly here on the mountain so I had to get a bit lower down below Whitecroft Falls to find any good, open water. The scene of this painting is set in a small pool below the falls. It is a scene on a small scale in a different palette than my usual; a reminder of how much I like the quiet, shaded and intimate spaces in nature.

The sketch for this painting was lovely. The painting itself looks nice as a decorative piece in its location in our entrance. There are definitely some lessons to learn here though. I have come to the conclusion that I am getting a little lost in detail. The intended serenity and mystery of the scene which is expressed in the sketch is lost a bit on the canvas, particularly in the frantic brush strokes and jarring movement of the water and rock wall. I would start over again with the pool if I could muster the enthusiasm. But when I am done with a painting, I am done. It is OK. Lesson learned and onward.

I am now planning on grabbing the dog and the bear spray and heading up to the ski out behind Mountain View to a shady steep and deep ravine off the trail which is one of my very favourite wild places around here. A scene of the forest floor below the canopy, with its dead-fall, old growth evergreen trunks and filtered light captured my imagination and I will go there to get material to start with. Maybe I will do this while this rain persists, and see what it is like in there with the mists and wet. A benefit of being a landscape painter… the finding of inspiration feels as good, better maybe,  than the creation that comes from it.

“April Thaw, McGillivray Creek” (acrylic on canvas, 1m x 1m)

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  1. Bern says:

    You never cease to amaze me…. love the movement and color! Miss you and your smile and that wicked sence of humor! ~B

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