new painting – “When the Lifts Close”

Hello friends,

Weird times, huh? When I finished this painting about a month ago Corona virus was still something vaguely threatening that was happening on the on the other side of the world. I don’t know about you, but I sure wasn’t giving it much thought. At that time I was pretty involved with helping host our big Freestyle competition here, work, ski conditions, household and kid stuff… and getting this darn painting ready and delivered to the Art Exposed show in Kamloops. This painting will now always remind me of that rather naive time before the world was turned on its ear.

We are doing well over here – poised on the edge – holding our breath to see where our efforts at distancing are going to take us. We now have a confirmed case and a bunch of presumptive cases in our little village which likely means there are a bunch of carriers around. Where a week ago there were still people partying in groups this week we have all, more or less, accepted the inevitability that this involves all of us and are acting in accordance. I have to say, as an introvert it is not hard nor unpleasant for me to hunker down and enjoy the company that I most enjoy. But is it also naive to think (or hope) that this present state of ease will continue until, magically, it is all over and we can go carry on like it never happened. But the human brain necessarily veers towards hope.

So, my life, like others in Sun Peaks, now centers around quiet pursuits like reading, walking the dog, nordic skiing, pottering around the house and yelling at one’s children about too much screen time. This is also a time conducive to painting though I have not done much. I did, however, brighten this night scene up a bit so it would photograph better. I think this scene would be recognizable to anybody that lives here: the Valley Trail by the golf course looking up at the runs of Morrisey. It is a common nighttime dog walk of mine, and I always catch my breath at how lovely the snow covered field is through the dark mass of trees, with the drama of Morrisey and the night sky in the background.

This painting reminds me of why, even though we are all enchanted by night, we so seldom paint it. Unlike Van Gogh’s Starry Skies or Thomson’s Norther Lights, most of us have a hard time catching that magic without going full hog and making it into either a dreary monochrome mess or sentimental hodge-podge. This painting is sadly a little of both.  Still, its a painting, and its done. So there is something. I will call it an accomplishment and reward myself with another of the many coffees that I now measure my days by, and move on.

Wishing you all good health and simple pleasures.


“When the Lifts Close” (acrylic on canvas. 60x100cm)