Welcome to the Tipsy Pine Studio Blog!

I am a hobbyist landscape painter located in the beautiful mountain community of Sun Peaks, British Columbia. This blog acts as my journal of painting through the seasons and will, I hope, give visitors a little moment of “being there.”

Peggy Heger Leduc, The Tipsy Pine Studio

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  1. Don Dobrenski says:

    Hi Peggy,
    Kristin Eales put me onto your blog. My wife and I are from Ontario and we only live across the street in Edlibach. We can see your place from ours. Can’t believe we haven’t met before. We have spent a few Christmas afternoons with the Eales, but this year we were at their beach house in SA on Christmas Day.
    We also lived in Basel for a time when we were first married.
    I have done some painting in the past and recently was teaching Visual Arts to grade 7 to 10 students at the school where I work. I think your work is great and would love to meet you and see your paintings.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Don,
      Yes, I have heard about the “Canadians across the way” and have wondered when we would be crossing paths! Actually, I believe I recognize your dog (from Kristin’s description), who is often being walked by “5 cat farm (our name for it for obvious reasons)” by your son? Perhaps we can work out a nice get-together with us and the Eales sometime soon, coffee and cake or the like… Do you still paint at all? Love to talk about it and of course Dennis and the girls and I would love to meet you all. Thank you also for the kind words and I am glad you stopped by here! – Peggy

  2. Tom Dall says:

    Hi HD (Peggy)
    I like this painting, it reminds me of a lot of areas in BC where I have travelled. GOOD JOB.
    we are planning on being in Europe Leaving for Rome June 12 and then the following week in Switzerland and then to Germany where Jean has to Can Can Dance at an international festival at some small places around Berlin. Would you have room for us for a couple of days.
    Keep up the paintings they are great and maybe we can see some more from your gallery when we are there.

    1. Editor says:

      Absolutely we would!! Would be thrilled to you have you guys here! It is a lovely part of switzerland, so I am sure you would love it. Also, thanks for the kind words. I paint local scenes but in my heart (and through my brush) I am never far away from bc…

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