New Painting – Autumn Under the Sunburf Canopy


Hello all,

New painting time! This scene is from one of the little forest glades off the Sunburf hike/bike trail. I love these close, profuse clearings under the pine canopy – especially in fall because they yeild up much more autumny colour than above. As a painter who sticks to a pretty earlthy palette and aims closer to realism than not, this gives me a bit of an opportunity to go a bit wild with colour – a real treat in this wintertime landscape of white, blue, grey and green. Well, I do hope that I have gotten it all out of my system because next up is a giant winter theme canvas to replace one in my entrance way that has recently found a new home. Its gonna be a long haul – and I don’t expect another post on here until spring.

Until then, happy skiing.

Autumn Under the Sunburf Canopy (acrylic on canvas, 20 x 20 inches)


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  1. Tom Dall says:

    As usual another great painting

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