New Painting – Spring Thaw in the East Village

Happy start-of-the-season to you all! The 2022 Ski season here in Sun Peaks has started out with a respectable amount of snow and a relative feeling of normalcy (as in, pre-Covid business-as-usual) that I think everyone around here is thankful for.

Late last winter I sold a canvas that had been hanging in our entrance way for awhile. Not only did I love the piece, but it was large enough to cover the unsightly electrical panels that were strangely located as a focal point of that little room. Sad as I was to part wtih that painting, its absence pushed me to take on a large-canvas project. What resulted was the typical half-year long test of fortitude.

This scene is very typical of the views above the East Village. This area is distinctive because of its open spaces thanks to new development and forest management practices. For somebody who sketches, paints and photographs landscape, these open spaces are a real gift which lend a bit of variety and interest to what would otherwise be a wall of trees. And, you know, as wonky and stylized as my paintings can be, I look at this and it really IS the local landscape to me. It can be no other place (at least in my eyes). I do love that and I hope others can see it too.

Spring Thaw in the East Village, Acryclic on Canvas, 100cm x 80cm

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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Another great painting

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