New Painting – Filtered Sunlight in Sunburf Glade

I am trying hard to think of something to write about this painting – but summer seems just so long ago. It must have been nice in there for me to make the effort to stop and take a photo … shady and so green, but with those warm spots of light pouring in. Increasingly I don’t take photos when I am out in the landscape. I think this might be because I resent having to carry around my phone. It is also disheartening for me to always try and distill the experience when all I get is a disappointing, flat photo image. And forget sketching – if memory serves correctly, this photo was taken in the earliest of early summer. I would have been set upon in half a minute by the mosquito horde.

But still, it is pretty cool, as the ski season commences, to look at this photo and think back to a time of tans, tank tops and the smell of warm pine. Now its chapped red cheeks, my too-tight bib ski pants and the smell of woodstoves. Come March I am sure I will look at the painting with longing for the interminable season of white to be over. But that, also, seems a long time away.

Happy season-opening my fellow Sun-Peakians.

Filtered Sunlight in Sunburf Glade (acrylic on canvas)


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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Good job.

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