new painting – Wickaninnish Beach

Hi there,

September 17 here and it is snowing out my window. Its too early. TOO EARLY. I am typing here with my “I love fall most of all” mug, the fire on and my woolies, feeling a toss-up between cozy seasonal bliss and resentment that winter is trying to encroach on my favourite season. Yes. I know it is not really autumn yet in a calendar-date sense but the trees are turning and it is colder so that is good enough for me. Too much snow would ruin the foliage and serves no purpose for the ski season.

I am back to work now and have taken on a big community volunteer project so painting time is pretty limited. I did, however, find time to finish this latest as it was a birthday request from my oldest. The family had made our first trip to Vancouver Island this summer with the highlight being our visit to Uclulet and Tofino. It absolutely blew my kids’ minds and ended with pleas to move there. While that is not going to happen (it rains there 3/4 of the year, for one thing…) I totally get it. That place is powerful. So while we will not be moving there I am more than happy to try and recreate a little of the magic for my child’s wall. The painting has sufficed for now – with promises that we will go back to Tofino some day soon.

“Wickaninnish Beach” (Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 13.5 inches)


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