The Tipsy Pine?

What is this “The Tipsy Pine”? And where did “The Humble Dauber” go? Those who check into this site occasionally may have noticed the change in site name. At the heart of it, its just a name. Just me, painting the landscapes that I love. Same as before. But it does signal a shift on a few fronts.

First off, I was growing tired of being “humble” and of getting asked what a “dauber” is (a crude or inartistic painter for those still wondering). I figure this handle simply no longer fits. I have worked hard and kept at it, and, as a pretty natural result, have improved. I do not think my paintings are crude or inartistic and rather than humble, I am proud of then – and want to share them with others. There is still much to learn and improve upon but it was clear to me that it is time that “Humble Dauber” was retired.

In its place is a new name – a studio and business name for this little artistic operation going on here. The Tipsy Pine is drawn from the fact that more often than not my canvases include at least one swaying, stooping pine. It is a name that is both at the heart of what I love to paint, and which reminds me to keep having fun.

In 2017 I plan to put a bit more stock in painting. Get outside more to explore and find exciting source material. Paint more and with greater regularity. Improve upon technique and expression more. Move increasingly towards my “own voice”. Work on getting my work out there more. Meet and learn from other artists more. Clearly there is much to do, but it is also really exciting to be at and in a place where so much seems possible and everything seems to be pushing me either outside to explore this beautiful place, or to my easel to try and relate it all to you.

All this best in 2017!

Peggy Heger Leduc (Artist – The Tipsy Pine)