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As this is a blog about what it is to be an amateur artist (in my case, landscape painter) I guess it makes sense to share some of my painting. I am sure there are you amateur painters out there who know this is not easy – even if it is just in the context of a blog that may or may not get a viewership. I paint in acrylic, based on photos and memories from my walks and hikes (more on my background and process in another post). There is really no deep meaning in it, no commentary except an expression of my love for the outdoors, for the wide vista, dramatic weather and colours, and the mystery and adventure a good walk holds. The end results right now tend to be somewhere between starving artist, high school art student, and Group of Seven wannabe. So, without further ado, here is my latest:

Pilatus - the long way down
Pilatus – the long way down

This one is called “Pilatus – the long way down.” It was from a photo and memories of a hike down Mount Pilatus with my husband last summer. The wind was fierce, the landscape rocky and dramatic. I have good memories and bad ones (seriously, who hikes 4 hours down a mountain for the first hike of the season? I couldn’t walk for a week afterward). Does this painting take me back there? Well no, not really. But I have not assigned it to the bin so I guess it is a success (more on how I measure success later). Please feel free to make a comment or criticism. So long as you are not troll-ish, I can take it and am grateful. Thanks for looking!


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  1. Wonderful imaginative colors and painting style.

  2. Editor says:

    Thank you for the kind words, but also for the opportunity to find your wonderful photography blog. Truly beautiful images… I look forward to going back to see more of them.

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