Where did the week go?

Is there a word for a new blogger that feels a certain anxiety when she fails to add new material to her blog for a week? Bloganx?

Despite all good intentions very little has happened in terms of painting, sketching or reading of painting. I was hoping to finish the Mitchell Albala book and provide a review, and try out a few plein air sketches with my new charcoals and pastels (I somehow found time to go to my art supplier) – but somehow the week simply escaped me. Ah, the plight of the amateur.

So what was I doing? Well, you know – a little of this and that. The millions of small “things-to-do” that go along with a family and a small town. Plus I am one of those most conflicted of creatures – the “extroverted introvert”  and often socially plan myself out of whatever painting time I have. In my defense, though, the people here are just so nice that want to hang out with them instead of holing myself away. Plus, being new, I need to get out there and work hard and creating a sense of community for my family.

This does not mean, however, that the beauty of everything has escaped me this past week. Summer seems to have arrived in Zugerland. All is becoming green and gold, heavy and swaying. The sunsets have been particularly spectacular, with colours I can only ever hope to reproduce on my palette. But all is not lost. There is always Sunday. I am hoping to sneak a few hours for my weekend wander, and maybe throw in a quick and dirty sketch from some view along the way. Stay tuned, friends.

Humble Dauber contemplating beauty of sunset and how little was accomplished with week...
Humble Dauber contemplating beauty of sunset and how little was accomplished this week…

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