New painting – Unter dem Ortstock

Hello all,

Two paintings posted in a week! Whoa, thats crazy. Such industry is highly unusual around here but I felt a certain sense of purpose with this little fellow. You see, I unloaded a bunch of paintings today to be auctioned for charity at a friend’s church. Most of the paintings I had to donate were quite large so I felt a small one might be a little more “manageable” a purchase for those kind souls who may be considering bidding on a painting.

So, I lovingly bundled up my motley crew of paint babies and happily booted them out the door with a kiss and best wishes. Sending them out among strangers on a sort of money making venture had me questioning for the thousandth time whether I would spend money on them. Hmm… for charity, maybe. Of course, I am a little “too close” to them and my love hate relationship may cloud their true value, one way or the other. Anyhow, I hope they are a blessing on some prospective buyer(s) and to the children out there who will benefit from the funds they raised.

Now, back to the painting. The source pic is from our hike in Braunwald, Kanton Glarus. It is a view of Ortstock mountain taken from a high altitude mountain meadow. I like the inclusion of the mountain hut – a little touch of Switzerland. It was interesting for me to paint a non-nature object and in particular, the depiction of light and shadow on the building was a fun task to tackle… Oh dear, expect more swiss ramshackle shacks, farmhouses and chalets in the future…

As usual, thanks for looking!

Happy Wednesday – HD

“Unter dem Ortstock” (Acrylic on canvas, 18x24cm)







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