new painting and lots else new…

So much new stuff to tell! I won’t bore you with details, but we have moved to a new (hopefully forever) house in a new town (Sun Peaks, British Columbia). We have a new puppy. Kids have a new school (where they can ski at recess!!!). We are making new friends and have new neighbours. All of this in our new, old country. Then, finally, there is a new painting of our new back yard at 3:00 am which is a view I got real familiar with thanks to the new puppy’s house training.

I call this one Hurry Up, Gary…” – Fairways Ski Back 3am. If one needs to be standing out at the edge of the freezing woods in the middle of the night waiting for a pup to do his business, at least there should be a beautiful, sustaining view. Yes, its dark – but I rather like it. In my opinion night scenes can be very dramatic (or at least, restful). Better still, committing the light and subtle colour of the scene at those moments helped me to forget how out-of-my-mind tired and cold I was, or that there may be wild beasts lurking. I am also crossing my fingers as I may have found a venue for this and some of my upcoming Sun Peaks landscapes at a local cafe. More on that to come.

I hope you enjoy the new painting! Expect more soon as now we are settled I am ramping up studio time. Well, around skiing, that is. Priorities.

Wishing you a snowy, cozy Sunday evening.

“Hurry Up Gary…” Fairways Ski Back 3am (acrylic on canvas, 45 x 61cm)



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  1. Kristin Eales says:

    Beautiful!! All this “new” has obviously continued to inspire you!! So glad you are settling into your new home! Missing you loads!!

    1. Editor says:

      Missing you and the whole Eales gang too, my friend.

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