New Painting – Spring Thaw from Mt. Todd


One of the nice things about this little blog is that over the years it has become a journal of sorts for what we are up to, where we are, and, mostly, the seasons (in a literal and broader, figurative sense). Along with the few words I write are the paintings – both good and bad – which prompt a vivid, all-senses trip down memory lane for me. In this way I am so glad I stuck with it (both the paintings and the blog). As a good example, this new painting will ever be tied to this most peculiar of Springs – the Spring of “staying in.”

This “staying in” likewise promoted the particularities of the painting itself. Namely, our lack of need to get up and go anwhere in April meant that I no longer “did” the early mornings I previously enjoyed. Then one sunny morning I actually woke up before dawn and it was such a rarity that I felt compelled to capture the morning light in a painting. Camera and sketchbook packed I made the short walk over to one of the run-off streams heading down to McGillivray Creek to see what I could make of the torrent and bare trees with my freezing, numb fingers. I truthfully think I have brought more joy and appreciation to this painting than most others because I was just so invigorated at being out of pajamas by 10:00.

Years from now I hope to see this post, this painting, and think to myself: “It was a weird time for us, but thankfully not a bad time.” I hope I will feel gratitude that in the face of uncertainty and trouble, simple and quiet things like the slowed pace of life and more time spent with family served as a balm for many.

MVIMG_20200617_133811 (1)
Spring Thaw from Mt. Todd (acrylic on canvas, 55.5cm x 71cm)



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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Beautifully done

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