new painting – höllgrotten in spring storm

Hi all. Happy monday!

To celebrate the beginning of the week I am posting my just-finished painting Höllgrotten in Spring Storm. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Höllgrotten is a pretty cool cave system near here that the family went to visit near the end of March. Unfortunately, we did not know it was still closed for the season. Happily, however, its position in a gorge plus some pretty dramatic weather made for some beautiful scenes. We went for a walk, I soaked it all in, took some photos, and decided I could do something with them.

At present I am so tired of looking at this thing that it is hard for me to do any sort of critique or commentary on it. But I will say it is neither my favourite nor my least favourite. I don’t want to bin it, but I do not want to crow off the rooftops about it either. I am a fan of an autumn palette and rough weather, so that aspect of it is pleasing. At at this point, though, I just really want to move on to something else. So after a breather of a day or two I will be doing so. Something smaller, brighter, more lighthearted.

Anyway, if its rainy aspect won’t get you down too much – please enjoy. As always positive comments and gentle constructive criticism is always welcome here.

Kindest wishes – HD

Höllgrotten in Spring Storm, 40x70, acrylic on canvas
Höllgrotten in Spring Storm, 40×70, acrylic on canvas

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