weekend wander – june 7/2014

Last weekend saw temperatures rise to 34 around our parts. Normally this has us pasty-skinned Canadians running for cover but seeing as we live in a “Dach Wohnung” (roof apartment) the heat inside was worse than that outside. Might as well get out there and hike, I figured. Good choice. It was much cooler up in the mountains.

Last sunday’s hike was another local one at Sattel Hochstückli in Kanton Schwyz. Together with a dear old friend from Basel days, we took the rotating gondola up (you didn’t expect a climb in that heat, surely). Sattel Hochstückli is a small all-seasons resort catering to families. From one side you get views of lake Aegeri and the rolling hills of Kanton Zug and Rigi and Pilatus of Kanton Luzern in the distance. A short hike away to the other side of the “bump” you get views of snow topped peaks of Kantons and Schwyz and Luzern, and blue green lake Lauerz (I think – my sense of directions is lacking). I love variety!

Reward for our ascent
Reward for our ascent

It was all a bit more crowded a hike than I am used to. With such clearly marked and easily accessible trails, many amenities, and the fact it was a long weekend it was bound to be. Surprisingly, that did not detract from it but make the wander feel a bit more festive. It is so nice to see people from very young to very old enjoying the outdoors. It also makes me think that my own kids are a bit “soft” and it is time to get them out there in mini hiking boots like the hardy swiss tots doing these trails.

This bridge near gave me a heart attack. Sad that somebody who loves the mountains so much is so afraid of heights
This bridge near gave me a heart attack. Sad that somebody who loves the mountains so much is so afraid of heights

Anyway, it was a relatively short hike (around 3 hours) but absolutely perfect for the day. We both ended sweaty, well-sunned and happy. We also had the best Flammkuchen ever at the restaurant near the top of the gondola. All in all a success. No great inspiration for painting (possibly some source material for a small mountain study, though) but just a very fun day with a very dear person.

The quick way down...
The quick way down…

Here is to the beginning of summer and hopefully many more such days!

– HD

(ps. previously promised new painting to follow in a few days (I hope!). As ever, I am “planning myself” out of painting time. The good weather makes this worse…)

Potential material for mountains study?
Potential material for mountains study?

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  1. Patricia says:

    Hey Peggy, Can’t believe it’s been June since I last saw all of you..I think it was also the last time I hiked so that’s definitely not good. Summer has been too chaotic and busy with project work. Hope that you and the family are enjoying a wonderful summer and vacation and hope to catch up soon! Ciao Ptsz

  2. Editor says:

    D’oh! Pats, you outed me (partially). That is ganz ok as you and the 3 other people who look at this blog know its me anyway. Looking forward to the next visit and girls miss you though it may be in September as the MIL is here now. Autumn hiking!?!

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