new painting – landslide garden – goldnau

Hello readers,

As promised, here is the newest painting. It is a more literal than usual interpretation of an earlier photo posted from one of my wanders. In painting it I tried to incorporate some of the lessons provided in Mitchell Albala’s Landscape Painting. I hope to provide a post/review on this later this week. Right now, I just want to put this painting “to bed.” The verdict? Well, there are things I like about it. The treatment of light and dark in the boulders, for example. Also I quite like the detail of the moss and rock, and my technique with tree trunks is improving. There are also things that I find frustrating. The palette, despite its brightness, is still too chalky and monotone for my taste. I have a hard time managing my greens, and the foliage on the pine tree in the foreground is driving me to distraction. I painted it thrice and it still looks scratchy and overly detailed. I am done with it.

I am trying hard to keep in mind that this is all about fun and that I am slowly, surely learning and making progress. It is so frustrating, however, to have such a strong sense of a place – to want to put it to canvas, but to not be able to infuse the essence of the place on canvas. I know I need to relax a bit – not get so caught up in detail and just get “painterly” about it. That is so hard to do!

Anyway. It is what it is. I will not be hanging this one. If any of you want it, let me know and I will post it to you as a gift – where ever you may be (would be easy as it is on canvas board). First come first serve!! (PS. Painting claimed later that day by a dear friend from my old town… keep posted. More giveaways of questionable art to follow. Cellars get full, after all – HD)

On to the next adventure!

Landslide Garden - Goldnau
Landslide Garden – Goldnau

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  1. Editor says:

    Painting claimed! Stay posted. No doubt others will be on offer. My cellar is getting full…

  2. Kristin says:

    This painting never ceases to stun me- it’s beautiful!!

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