new painting – view of kleiner mythen

Hello all,

It has certainly been awhile. Bad weather and family commitments have kept me from my walks and shear laziness has kept me from painting and writing. I have, however, managed to finish one small painting. The material for this came from my hike awhile ago to Sattel. It was a lovely day, but I was somewhat disappointed by the views until we crested the hill that showed us the other side of the mountain. I believe this painting portrays a side view of Kleiner Mythen with Grosser Mythen poking through (see hiking map here). It was an extraordinarily clean and imposing scene that lent itself to a lovely spare composition – I cannot wait to go back in autumn!

As for the painting – well, it is ok. Once again, I am not crowing off the rooftops about it, but I can stand to look at it. It appears perhaps a little depthless and sketchy, but I feel at a loss to do anything further with it without making matters worse. At the same time, it is my first successful (at least to my mind) painting of the green and rolling hills that make up so much of the landscape around here. Every time I reach a little success like that it emboldens me for the next painting and to try something a little different. That said, I do not know what I want to paint next. As ever, though, I am looking forward to it. I am also looking forward to my coming trip back to Canada. I am especially excited about hiking, sketching and painting the dry, mountainous wild places of Kelowna, in the interior of BC. No doubt a change of scene will offer new inspiration!



"View of Kleiner Mythen" -acrylic on board, 18x24 cm
“View of Kleiner Mythen” -acrylic on board, 18×24 cm




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  1. Tim says:

    When you decide to get on the roof to crow about a painting please let me know. I want to be there to witness the event. Standing on the terrace of your Dach Wohnung does not count. I want you on the peak of the roof.

  2. Editor says:

    Tim, at the rate I am going its going to be a long time before that happens. But I will gladly notify you and have a lawn chair out and bubbly chilling for you… They already think I am the crazy Canadian ’round these parts. Couldn’t hurt. Except the fall, of course.

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