“questionable art giveaway” no. 2

Hello friends. I mentioned in an earlier post to stay tuned as there could be giveaways of my “questionable art.” If you would like your own HD original, made-with-love, amateurish acrylic swiss landscape it would tickle me pink to ship it to you at no cost (goes to first taker). It is small so I can post it anywhere. Simply send an email to peglleduc@gmail.com with your name and address and I will send it off to you with my regards!

C’mon, don’t embarrass me folks – somebody claim this sad orphan.



** Update, this sad orphan/ugly paint baby has since been claimed. whew. thank goodness. – HD

"View of Kleiner Mythen" -acrylic on board, 18x24 cm COULD BE YOURS!!!!!!!!!
“View of Kleiner Mythen” -acrylic on board, 18×24 cm

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  1. Editor says:

    Good grief – somebody has finally claimed this orphan! – HD

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