size matters

Hi all,

I mentioned in my most recent post that I am currently fishing around for something to paint. Everything for the last while has been on a relatively small scale (size) – which means less commitment, quicker turnaround, arguably less impact. For me, rookie that I am, it also is much less intimidating. But I feel right now that I really want to get tucked into something, to work on something that will completely engage me till the snow flies.

Maybe it is the nippy weather. Or maybe it is the loose ends I feel (only sometimes) at not working in the profession I was trained for. I am currently a SAHMAW. I love it and happily could do it for the rest of my life, but a person also needs something to strive for – to accomplish something that is just for themselves. While the little canvases give me a jolt of this when they are finished, another large one, especially if it is a “success,” would make me beam with joy.

So I have found my subject (photo below). Don’t expect the finished product to be much like the photo however. In true HD fashion it will be gently abstracted. I generally look very little at the photo once I have used it to loosely guide me in my initial composition. I am hoping for a broader palette and more defined brushstrokes (based on my current inspiration from Van Gogh’s works seen at the D’Orsay). And if it works out I am going to frame that sucker (at great expense as is the case in Switzerland) and keep it for my very own.

OK, now I am excited. I just have to get off my duff and go get the materials. Happy Saturday all!

New subject – wish me luck

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