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Hi all,

No weekend wander to post this week. I had hopes that I would get some good photos from our trip to the 500 year old Basel Herbstmesse, but by the time we got there it was fairly dark and I sadly have no talent with night-time photography, as you can see below.

Autumn Evening at Basel Herbstmesse at Petersplatz.
Autumn Evening at Basel Herbstmesse at Petersplatz.

Today I am getting some time to paint in a house all to myself.  I cannot even express how much I look forward to this rare event. The routine is always the same. I come through the door, spend a few minutes making order and getting my supplies ready. I make a coffee or tea, put on my painting apron, and put on music. This got me to thinking about how important music is to my painting ritual. My choice of music is also important: it goes by mood, weather, what I am painting or all three. Without the music I find myself getting distracted and impatient with my painting. With it, I find myself having fun, even if the painting is not going particularly well.

I certainly have my favourites that change only slowly over time. I am especially partial to americana and bluegrass, independent/alternative country, and singer-songwriter stuff – though my moods also may lead to classical or pop or some of the harsher stuff of my youth. Right now, I am stuck on a trio of artists/bands. The first is my perennial Canadian favourite, Kathleen Edwards – girl next door with an edge and an awesome, raw songwriter. Her song Change the Sheets has been my happy anthem for awhile now. Then there is something for gentler moods – The Paper Kites, an Australian band with a huge range from a folksy sound (complete with banjo – love me some banjo!!) to smooth and modern. I am especially taken with their song St. Clarity (and its very good video). Then there is my current favourite, Ben Howard. So young yet so talented! I was hooked when I serendipitously heard his song The Wolves on a Danny Macaskill (epic mountain biker) video. Though he is english, I find something somehow Canadian in his previous album, Every Kingdom – it reminds me of our Canada Day camping trips of old at Cat Lake. His new one, I Forgot Where We Were is a bit darker and I am just sinking into it now.

And then, there is my weird liking for german Schlager and folk music. Maybe it reminds me of my german oma, or that it makes me feel I am in the alps, or maybe that it is just so very happy. Either way, when the sun is shining and it is sunday morning I like to put it on loud and paint like crazy. The family whines and moans about it a great deal – but I secretly wonder if its up-beatness is not just a little catching. They are protesting a little too much, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, if you are also a bit kinky and like this stuff my favourite online station is Prost! Likewise, if you have recommendations of any music that makes you feel creative or inspired please pass it along… I love new musical finds.

Ohhh... Food stalls at Herbstmesse
Ohhh… Food and craft stalls at Herbstmesse

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