new painting – autumn bluff at flumserberg

Hi all,

Well, after some toil over the last 2-3 weeks I now have a new painting completed. At 60 x 80 cm it is  little larger than my usual projects, but surprisingly did not take much longer. I credit a growing sense of confidence and experience with this small improvement. More specifically, I am no longer spending ages correcting mistakes, or painting around things.

The scene is from my recent hike at Flumserberg and as you can see from the photo posted earlier of the scene, does not take too much artistic license. I do not particularly enjoy looking at it but I can see both areas of growth and things to work on – which is the point, after all. First and foremost this project makes me realize I should spend a bit more time in my planning – particularly where colour is concerned. I need to map out tone, and perhaps limit my palette for the sake of cohesiveness. Also, it is apparent that I have several “styles’ going on here – ranging from the stylized mountains to the quite literal brush in the foreground. There is more, of course, but those are the few things to tackle for my next painting. Cannot wait for my next project and the luxury of figuring it out over the next few days. In the meanwhile I have another weekend wander to post of some local autumn wonderfulness, so mosey on back this way sometime soon!

Thanks for looking – HD

Autumn bluff at Flumserberg (acrylic, 60x 80cm)
Autumn bluff at Flumserberg (acrylic, 60x 80cm)

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