second time around…

Hello there,

I have been busy finishing a commission piece – a copy of an earlier painting “Gottschalkenberg – New Year’s Day”. It was interesting repeating an earlier project. It seems to me that many of the things that happen in my paintings happen quite by accident – so trying to repeat these “accidents” is a bit of a challenge. Luckily, it was not too difficult a task. It seems I am gaining a bit more control over what I can do  and perhaps I have more “method” than I thought. This said, the two are noticeably different with the first being closer to “toll” style painting – a sort of folksy, dreamy realism and the newer leaning towards my usual style. Or is it just me? Well, I do hope its new owner will like it just the same.

Another mini-triumph achieved in this painting was that it took only 3 weeks to complete (as compared to two months with the original). I think this relative “speed” is down to the incentive of having an owner who is waiting for it. Generally speaking, most days I painted a minimum of 2 hours and broke it down into manageable chunks which would serve to give me a sense of accomplishment when done (versus viewing my progress against what seemed the insurmountable whole). I will try this with my next (smaller) painting and see if I can finish it within 1-2 weeks. Its not about speed, I know. At the same time it is better for me if I can be a little more disciplined and have a greater output. More paintings equal more experience, equal (hopefully) greater mastery. Right?

Gottschalkenberg, New Year’s Day II (acrylic on canvas, 40×80 cm)




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