new painting -Peek-a-boo Mythen

Hello all,

A new painting! It is always a good Sunday and a good end to the week when I finish a painting. It gives me a sense of accomplishment that allows me to spend the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing. Well, except making dinner. And cleaning. And laundy. And hollering at the kids when they fight. So, the “nothing” part might be an illusion, but it does feel great to put a project to bed.

This happy fella evokes good memories of the day and place. We were out for a sunny Saturday morning of skiing at Brunni, and led the kids for the first time for a little safe off-piste skiing. White I was cleaning up the post-crash yard sale of ski equipment that was my younger daughter, my hubby took the picture which served as the source of this painting. It was really lovely in there, all dappled light and Grosser Mythen shining through the trees. The kind of feeling you want to bottle up (or paint up) to last you the year.

I am happy enough with the painting itself. But what I really am pleased about is that I kept to the schedule I set for myself. This is no small feat considering the other stuff competing for my time and the fact that my glasses prescription is woefully outdated and everything goes fuzzy after a half hour at the canvas (gotta see to that little problem). I think it is now time for a really large project. I have a scene in mind and would like to try out my growing discipline and get it done within a month. Will I do it or will I just go blind trying? Keep posted…

20160313_130911_001-3 (2)
“Peek-a-boo Mythen” – acrylic on canvas, 30x60cm



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