new painting -The Quiet Hour (Shannon Lake, West Kelowna)

Hi there!

Thank goodness. Our local snow is gone. Sure, I can still see it up in the mountains. I don’t care.I am declaring it SPRING. I didn’t have to wear socks outdoors yesterday, so it must be true.

This painting was part of my “putting away” of winter. I just could not handle another snow scene. Come to think of it, I couldn’t really stomach a spring scene either – all those bare branches and muddy fields, you know… So I opted for summer and went back to a favourite place. Painting it I could feel the hot sun, hear the whispering of the leaves, and feel the breeze and the shade looking out across the water. Oh, little Shannon Lake, thanks for the respite!

The Quiet Hour (Shannon Lake, West Kelowna), acrylic on canvas 30×40 cm



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kathy Brassard says:

    Love it Peggy, as usual! Can’t wait for things to green up here! xxoo

  2. Lorraine McNaueal says:

    Beautiful spot captured by a very talented woman. Nice creation Peggy!

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