new painting – Mitch’s Canoe

Hello there,

The past two weeks have been the kid’s spring break. We had high hopes for a nice outdoors “staycation.” Early last week was looking good – warm sun, cherry blossoms, and everything a bright green. And then, this:


Yes, I know we could get out there anyway. Maybe throw some snowballs or something. But we are just so finished with winter. There is, however, an upshot to this in that I got to finish a painting.

This one is called “Mitch’s Canoe” because it is based on a most lovely photo from my sister in law, Michelle (I don’t think the canoe is actually her’s, but whatever). Michelle lives near Sault Ste. Marie in the Algoma District of Ontario. This locale is bucket list pilgrimage focal point no. 1 due to its central role in the paintings of the Group of Seven (not to mention family there to visit). By agreement, this painting is winging it over to Mitch (she provides pic, I provide painting). I only just wish it was better.

Yes, to be honest I was expecting something more… magical to arise out of this – sacred location and all. Maybe I was being a touch too literal. Then again,  I once read that one should never use black in a painting… that one should not even have black pigment handy. It sucks the light out of the painting and blocks the flow. In this case I tend to agree. The magic of the scene is a bit stymied. I also need to start addressing why my colours are so muted. I need lessons to answer this question as I have been pondering this and trying out different approaches for a few years now. Anyhow, Mitch, if you are reading this, get a lovely frame and tuck it in a quite corner and it will be fine. Someday I may try it again and if it is better I will also send that your way. Thank for the use of the image though. It continues to be one of my favourites.

“Mitch’s Canoe” – acrylic on canvas, 30 x 30 cm

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