deep freeze, guerrilla snowshoe knitter and Happy New Year!

Happy 2017 everyone!

The Christmas holiday has come and gone. It was fun but I can’t say I am sad it is over. Two weeks of rushing, overeating, and enforced togetherness has its place but is not healthy (for this family anyhow) in the long run. So I quite happily saw the kids up the pommel lift this morning to school and looked forward to a day of our regular routine.

The cold snap is back here at Sun Peaks. At this moment we are clocking in at -25 (without the wind chill factored in). That is also fine. We were pretty spoiled for good ski weather over the holidays. It also appears that I can handle the chill a little better. Last time it came around there was a good deal of whinging, staying inside, and building up my fat layer with a vengeance. This time around I am simply layering up and getting out there. I am NOT going to miss another week outside and on the hills. Besides, when it is so frigid out, more often than not it is also gloriously sunny.

So, in this spirit, I put on my 20 layers, grabbled my ski pole and took Gary out back to one of the beautiful snow shoe trails we discovered over the holidays. The sun was still rising and everything was golden, bright and sharp – with not another soul around. My favourite part of this trail, however, is not the scenery but a little bit of peaceful art/activism/whimsy that I always look forward to when I go this way.

On an unassuming deciduous some wonderful person has placed a “tree cozy” – lovingly knitted in ultra-bright rainbow hues.  I like to imagine some snowshoer giggling to her/himself as they stitched it on. I wonder why they chose that tree? And I wonder if they are wondering about who has seen it, just as I wonder about them? And I thank them. It is a little thing  but it soothes out some of the nastiness that 2016 has brought – that little hit of care, humour and colour out on the edge of the winter woods. So, guerrilla snowshoe knitter – you will likely never see this but I say “thanks” all the same.

And again, Happy New Year and a peaceful, prosperous 2017. I am wishing you all a bit of time of wonder and reflection in the winter woods.

The kids with mom’s favourite trailside attraction…
Gary says a walk in the woods is fun, but toasting his ears near the fire is better…



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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Happy New Year.

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