End of season update


Well now, that went by fast. Last time I checked in here it was January and the high season was still new. And now, its all over. But while most of BC experiences proper spring it is still snow boots and white stuff around here. Its melting fast but the melting is interspersed with little mini blizzards in between. At this rate it will be June before we are achieving full green.

It was a good winter though, and busy. Despite best intentions I did not have much time or content to add to this blog. Figuring (foolishly?) I had too much time on my hands, I took on a part time job at a great little lodge in the village, which then quickly morphed into an almost full time job. Then when I was not working, taking Gary into the backcountry or making the trek into town, I was on the hill. No, not much painting happened. I am still working on the behemoth canvas for over my mantel that I started in January.

So now this little village of ours is quiet as can be. The lifts and snowcats are still. The crowds and most of the workforce have cleared, the businesses are taking a break and the trails are largely impassible. Time for a breather, to catch up, and reflect. In particular I reflect on how much I loved this past winter and how this place feels like it was specially made just for us. I cannot wait to see what spring and summer brings us!

Last great ski day of the year. L and I going up the Crystal chair. Picture compliments of our lovely intercontinental friend Jenn
End of the ski season (April 17) Slush Cup. Messy conditions and good times (:

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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Glad to hear all has gone well with the move back to Canada. Have you heard from your dad, I haven’t and wondering what’s up.
    Retiring on August 1, 2017 so hope to get over your way then. Have the house in Clinton up for sale now and will commute if I have too. About an hour drive. Looking forward to talk to you all soon. Were you in Kamloops on Saturday, thought we saw you at Superstore.

    1. Editor says:

      Oh no!!!! We WERE at Superstore. That sucks if we crossed paths. Could have gotten together for a bit of a catch up.. Sounds like exciting things are happening! Waiting to see Manny when he heads to the lake for spring opening… hopefully soon. Otherwise really looking forward to seeing you guys! Say hi to Jean…

  2. Tom Dall says:

    Will do. She is working at Kumsheen Rafting again this year. Manfred will have to wait as we were at Lake at still lots of snow. Going fast but muddy and more rain for the next couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing him too. Not sure if you know Tove is due for around June 9th and we are getting excited about having a new grandson

    1. Editor says:

      Wow!! Awesome news! Congratulations to you all!

  3. Kristin Eales says:

    Sooo glad you can truly call Sun Peaks home! Well done for resettling so quickly after the great move back over the pond. We miss you here immensely though!

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks! It has everything the Leducs want except proximity to the Eales. Sigh, nothing is perfect. Actually, a little more spring and a little less snow would also be nice but we have to be patient. It will happen. Miss you guys.

  4. Tom Dall says:

    What is your phone number YOUR DAD DOESNT HAVE IT and address as Tove lives at Whiecroft

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