new painting – “Bluebird Morning on Homesteader”

Hi all,

Here is the first painting of 2018! Hooray! While it is clear that this year’s painting output may well be as prolific as others (or less) I am patting myself on the back for getting anything finished at all. Been busy. Likewise for the blog. I had envisioned that it would be a great place to document life on the mountain. Turns out I am too busy living it to document it.

Another ski season is drawing to a close and what a great one it has been! Lots of snow, family fun, and even considerable improvement in my skiing technique and self confidence. This painting, “Bluebird Morning on Homesteader” reminds me of a fantastic early season solo ski. Everything was silvery and bright and I was full of optimism for what could I could accomplish in this sport I love, in the home that I love.

Next, I would like to do a real Spring scene… I am thinking McGillivray Creek in thaw. I feel like getting out there right now with my camera as the late afternoon light is so good. Alas, I can’t see straight anyhow from the powerhouse painting I did this afternoon to finally finish up this canvas.  All in good time. But it is good to feel that kick of energy that the warmer sunshine brings. Happy melt, people!

“Bluebird Morning on Homesteader” (Acrylic on Canvas)






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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Looks great.

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