new painting – Anticipation – Eve Before Opening”

Hello all,

Another busy few weeks have flown by, which brings us to the week before Christmas. As if Christmastime isn’t busy enough, I have been painting like mad in preparation for this years Sotheby’s International Realty Benefit Art Auction. This fun annual event is a great time with good food, music, wine tastings, a silent auction of art of all stripes and, of course, lots of really lovely people. Best of all, the significant amount raised (this year $13,000 I hear!) all goes toward our privately funded high school. Without such events the school could not exist, and our high school kids would have to spend two hours a day on a schoolbus.  Or worse, we just could not attract families to live here year round and it wouldn’t be the special community that it is.

So when an organizer contacted me last year and told me about the auction, inviting me to donate a painting, I was pretty excited. Sadly, at that time I had nothing to give her. Darned if I was going to miss it this year though. Through mad 11th hour effort I finished my donation and also my panel on our Art club (Art Zone Sun Peaks) collaborative piece. Nothing like a timeline to get a procrastinator in action…

I am so very glad I did. It was such a beautiful event, full of community spirit and appreciation of artistic endeavor and craftsmanship. Also, while the organizers were very gracious in their thanks, us artists who donated have much reason to be equally as thankful. Its hard to think of a better way for a burgeoning or established artist in a small community to get exposure, some feedback and a whole lot of love. It has put a bit of painterly spring in my step, and has me thinking of stepping up my game for next year’s event. Who knows, maybe I will start my painting TWO weeks ahead of time, instead of just one?

Ps. I apologize for the pretty weak photos. I was in such a hurry I forgot to take final photos of them so just caught them at the event.

My new one “Anticipation – Eve before Opening”. Taken on the sunset before opening day, up near the school looking down the valley.
My panel in our six artist collaborative painting. I didn’t feel comfortable getting a picture of the whole as it is not all my work, but it is a scene that ties together as a whole, but each of the six panel highlights that artist’s personal style and interpretation. Sorry, also did not catch the title it was given. Chasing my tail, as usual.




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  1. Tom Dall says:

    As always I really enjoy seeing the work you do. Hope you and the family have a great festive season.

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