Early October Snow on Gentle Giant

The countdown begins to season opening – slated for November 17th. Not to be a downer but my gut tells me its not going to happen on time this year. We have been getting minimal skiffs of snow interspersed with warm days. While the higher elevations are building up the centimeters, down on the lower half things are pretty sparse with no snow in the long term forecast. This, of course, is nothing new. Every November starts with a lot of breath holding and speculation. Its just that we are so, so anxious to get out there…

As tradition would have it, one of the best snows of the year happens at a time when it is  neither particularly wanted nor useful. Ah yes, that early autumn snow. Enough to cover everything with some to spare, ruin the colourful foliage that would have otherwise lasted a few more precious weeks, and send parents scrambling to dig out snow pants that are now at least 2 sizes too small (not to mention that gloves that are magically all for left hands). Of course this year was no exception, with our glorious first significant snow happening in the beginning of October.

To commemorate this perennial event, I have painted it. Annoying as it can be, it is also kinda beautiful. Early snow mixes the peace, perfection and loveliness of copious white stuff with the brilliant autumn hues (and still some green left behind). The best of all seasons, as it were. Maybe there is also a hint of wistfulness that it won’t last long… and certainly won’t stick around for when we really want and need it (building our base). Anyhow, I think I will make it a tradition… the yearly early snow painting. A hint of the dumps to come and a reminder that I should have started pre-ski conditioning at least a month prior.

Early October Snow
Early October Snow on Gentle Giant, acrylic and Indian ink on canvas, 30 x 60cm

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