new painting – Whitecroft Autumn Canopy


After a month or two of toil, my submission to the annual Sotheby’s Art Auction was completed (at the 11th hour as usual). This year’s offering is a view experienced in an autumn walk with the dog and kids to the Whitecroft waterfalls. Along the way are a few groves of birch, aspen and even a few rare maples thrown in. It was a beautiful, lighthearted morning with my girls and I think that may have seeped into the painting.

One of the great things about this event is that it is a rare opportunity to meet with others in the community who love and/or create paintings, photographs, sketches and sculpture and really discuss the wide range of expression and artistic processes. Of course, the free flowing wine helps this along… But I learned so much about how other artists work, what drives them, and even a bit about myself that I didn’t know. The most notable conversation of the night was with a member of my art club… a lively retiree and enthusiastic admirer of artistic endeavor. She told me very earnestly that she loved my painting because it mirrored the “joyful chaos in her mind”. Well. That IS a compliment (I think?). I do get what she is saying though. Art instructors most often recommend to break a scene down to its simplified essence lest the painting get overworked and the viewer overwrought. But for me, the profuseness IS the essence of an autumn walk through the woods. I have not been able to break it own yet. Do I even want to? So long as there are like minded lovers of the chaos of the autumn woods, then I have found my audience.


At any rate, the evening was a lot of fun, the company great and my painting fetched a great price for this year’s charities. On a personal level I have received enough constructive feedback and pats on the back to see me through until next year. Better yet, this slavemaster of a painting is done, and I can enjoy the magic that is Christmas in Sun Peaks! Happy Holidays all!!


Whitecroft Autumn Canopy (Acrylic and India Ink on Canvas), 60.9 x 121.9 cm.



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