new painting – Darren and Jenn’s Good Saturday



Winter is now well over and we already have the way to the lake free of snow for mountain biking… and mosquitoes galore to make mountain biking there really, really uncomfortable. The trick is to not stop. Ever. But as it is early in the season and the route is uphill one needs to stop because one is out of shape from doing nothing since the end of ski season. The conundrum does provide some incentive to train hard, I suppose.

But I digress. This new painting is not about this season, but last. So far back into last season that I cannot really remember when. Like the painting before it, it is based on a scene borrowed from a friend’s social media. Darren and Jenn will occasionally post photos from their local ski or bike outings with their family. Their enthusiasm and love for this place is infectious. This particular post was so glowing with joy from a perfect Saturday afternoon spent with family on the mountain that it swept me away as well and plunked me right smack in the centre of that shady glade with the sun streaming through. How could I not paint it?

Now, Darren and Jenn are the hapless owners of a rather large blue, purple, yellow and white painting. As far as mementos go, this one is pretty in-your-face. As per usual, the victims of my “generosity” didn’t really ask for it and are too lovely to ever decline such a “gift.” I also know that art is subjective and people may not love my art babies like I do which forces the question: Is my need to force art on my friends turning into a bit of perversity? Well, maybe. It is, however, well meant and makes me happy so I will roll with it. Worse case scenario is that I become known in the village as that dotty lady who forces ugly home made art on people she likes. There are worse things to be known for in a small village.

Now I get to plan my next canvas. I have the very scene in mind… A certain tall windswept pine in the grueling morning climb up to the school. It will be a small canvas. Jewel like in the greens inspired by my new obsession with Nordic landscape artist Harald Sohlberg and my recent visit to the Audain Gallery in Whistler where there is a huge Emily Carr collection. Nobody does green like Emily.  I am so looking forward to it and, hopefully, I can get it on here before next ski season.

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