new painting – Fairy Falls off the Ski-back


Hello there,

Here is a painting for the dog days of summer – something cool, wet and shady. On the side of many of the trails here one can find these little mini falls popping out of the mountains side. They are nature’s grandeur in miniature – shady little microcosms of moss, stone and tumbling mountain run off in an otherwise monochrome pine landscape. They are also this seasons’ painting focal point.

Summer is flying by (as it usually does). The resort has been enjoying the weather that has kept away the wildfires (cool, wet days make for good painting and reading). When the weather is dry we have been caught up in the downhill and x-country biking mania that has gripped the families in this community. We have also enjoyed visits from loved ones, gotten in some lovely hikes and dog walks, camping, spent some good times at the local swimming hole and eaten an obscene amount of ice cream. I keep planning more of these things like summer will never end. I can’t be too sad about its ending, though, with my favourite season of all looming.

But enough of that nonsense… there is still a few weeks left before the kids go back to school, and the biking and hiking lift doesn’t shut down fully until the end of September. I think maybe a painting break is also in order to get in as much warm weather fun as possible. In this spirit it will be freeing to get this painting out of the door to its new home (I hope you enjoy it, Caroline and Brennan!).  Likewise, I hope that you have had a wonderful summer, and get to squeeze the most out of the remainder of this easygoing season.


“Fairy Falls off of the Ski-back” (acrylic on canvas, 60x100cm)

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