new painting – Bright Autumn at Heffley Lake

Hello all,

It is a whole month away but I have finished this years’ donation to the 12th Annual Sotheby’s Benefit Art Auction! This is really something special considering that each of the two previous years saw me panicking to get something in on time – real 11th hour efforts. I hate feeling rushed with anything, and particularly with my painting so I am feeling very peaceful with this current triumph of proactivity and time management! Also, I am feeling that I might have an even better composition up my sleeve which I, like a true sucker for punishment, might try to complete as an alternate submission. I just can’t leave well enough alone.

Like all my paintings, the scene for this one was drawn from a few photos, a sketch, and a beautiful, vivid memory of a time and place.  This one was based upon a drive home from town on one of those immaculate, bright early October days two years ago. Seeing the fierce blue of Heffley Lake peeking between the bright yellow Aspens, I decided to make a pit-stop at a little kayak/paddleboard launch I know. While the girls goofed around, giddy at the general wonderfulness of it all, I found a comfy rock to sit on and spent awhile lost in contemplation. Days like that only come once or twice a year and Autumn days like that are the best of ’em. Just… golden.

Bright Autumn at Heffley Lake (acrylic on canvas, 65 x 65cm)



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  1. Tom Dall says:

    Great job.

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