Happy Holidays! (and new painting)

Hello From Sun Peaks on New Year’s Eve Day!

More fresh snow. I am not tired of it yet but I have opted out of chasing the first tracks with Hubby this morning in order to write this entry and sketch my new composition on the canvas I prepared yesterday. This sense of “new beginnings” with planned work never, ever fails to be exciting to me. The hope of “the best thing I have ever painted” is renewed each time. How fitting on the eve of the New Year…

In this spirit of hope I am setting a new artistic goal for myself this year. 5 paintings done swiftly. Not just any 5 paintings though. 5 paintings in a new style – bright, assured but essentially earthy, and which sing of this place. 5 paintings not sold nor gifted but set aside for showings. Last year I had turned down the opportunity provided by Sun Peaks Art Zone for a few local showings and participation opportunities for a few regional ones due to simply not having anything to show. This year, thankfully, I have a bit more time and space to dedicate to the cause. So I am re-jigging my studio to make it more comfortable and trying out some new mediums and materials to help achieve what I am aiming for. And though this matters little to anybody but me I am filled with anticipation. I really cannot wait to share what becomes of it here and describe what it is I am trying for.

In this spirit of sharing I also submit the last work of this annus horribilus. This one was a commission for a really lovely new Sun Peaks local as a gift for her husband. Commissions admittedly continue to make me a bit nervous. Art is so subjective and the thought of handing over something that a paying customer does not like but is too polite to say so horrifies me. In this case she assures me it is what she was hoping for, which makes me happy. It is also lucky that commissions are made much better by having such beautiful source material to work from. So thank you, Wendy, for giving me an opportunity to paint that really beautiful scene. I sincerely do hope it fits the bill!

On that note, I would like to sign out for this year with wishes that you all remain well and happy, that the hill remains open for business, and that the snow keeps coming.

Happy 2021 from the Tipsy Pine Studios!

Untitled (Commission), Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 18


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