new painting – Boxing Day in Whitecroft

You know that feeling when you have reached the end of both Netflix AND the internet? Maybe you have had gravy with stuffing for breakfast chased with cranberry ginger ale and 7 lindor chocolate balls? Perhaps you had been wearing the same touque for 2 days without taking it off once and every inch of your nubby “nice” ski base layer (which you may have also been wearing for two days straight) is covered in cat hair and summa dat gravy? Maybe you are familiar with the phenomena of itchy belly skin from rapid and constant overextention? No? Well, those of you with “standards” may not be able to relate. I am sure that you will agree, however, that there is such a thing as too much Christmas.

To my mind the only way to snap out of the post christmas haze is to have a nice long walk in the woods. This year, the walk was just down the hill in milder Whitecroft. This painting is a product of that walk. When I look at it I feel the giddyness of escape from my sofa and the feeling of good, fresh air in my lungs. I love to just breath it in and think of the clean slate of deep winter ahead of me.

Boxing Day in Whitecroft, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x 20 inches


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